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Hope Capital Investments

A Real Estate Investment Company

Mission Statement

Hope Capital Investments (HCI) follows a simple mission – Provide impactful solutions for the affordable housing crisis of residential real estate.

HCI has been active in developing communities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since 2016. HCI specializes in acquiring, renovating, renting, and selling distressed, class C, value add, residential and small commercial real estate in the Philadelphia metro area.


FARME is the acronym we use to describe our process to all of our stakeholders

Finding – Analyzing – Renovation – Management – Exit


Finding represents our ability to source deals.

We capatalize on existing relationships with brokers, agents, wholesalers and our own blend of marketing tactics to locate the most profitable and exciting projects.


Analyzing describes our underwriting process.

Our experience within the Philadelphia metro area enables us to mine the most lucrative deals. Our proprietary process allows us to maintain a track record which regularly outperforms and outcompetes other real estate operators.


Renovation includes top to bottom rehab for new projects and our in house maintenance department.

Of our biggest resources within this function of our business has been the automation and streamlined process we have evolved and developed since the infancy of our company. Gaining economies of scale has been pivotal in bolstering our bottom line.


Management encompasses the full supervision and leadership of our revenue streams, specifically our rental portfolio.

This is what separates our company from our competitors. We have streamlined operations by leveraging our vendor’s expertise, embracing technology, and most importantly prioritizing our relationships with our customers – Tenants.


Exiting the project is the path you choose from the genesis of your project. Is this a buy and hold? When do we refinance? Will be sell? If so, when? All these questions must be answered ahead of time by using stress tests.

Rest Assured – Your Success is Our Success

Hope Capital Investments always has skin in the game with every deal no matter how small or large. Most importantly, our goals and interests are aligned with investors ensuring both operator and investor share in all profits.

A Message From Our Founder

I began this enterprise with pure grit, the never ending need to improve our community, and the sheer will to out-compete our competitors.

Evolving over several years, my company has demonstrated success in using real estate as the vehicle to promote wealth to our tenants, community, company and shareholders.


– Vincent Hope | Founder